[Uml-devel] UML Modeller and KDE 3

Jonathan Riddell jr at jriddell.org
Fri Apr 26 03:21:01 UTC 2002

> Seems like quite many of us have good or even better patches for UML
> tool. I don't know the situation, but is it possible to get access to
> UML tool's official CVS or to put up working repository somewhere else
> so that existing patches could be merged into tree ASAP? Would be really
> good to get this thing moving again. I have plans to attack this tool's
> code or start a new project when my vacation starts at June.

I don't think you can get CVS access since it requires Paul H to do that
and he seems to have fallen off the internet.  If you send patches to me
against CVS I'll happily apply them.  If Paul doesn't appear then the code
should probably be moved to kde CVS into kdenonbeta (to be moved into KDE
as appropriate).

Jonathan Riddell

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