[Uml-devel] UML Modeller and KDE 3

P. Fleury fleury at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Apr 29 23:35:04 UTC 2002

Gustavo Madrigal wrote:

>change. I have not heard anything from Paul Hensgen and I do not know if he 
>is going to keep working or not.
I think this is a crucial part. All we need at the moment (from what I 
see on the list) is a coordinator, who is currently embodied by Paul.
He might not want to continue, might have a personal problem preventing 
him from responding (like a 3 months trip away from internet to get
away from university, etc.). What is the "etiquette" time between trying 
to contact a maintainer, and decide he/she does not want to be involved 
in the project anymore ?

>--Automatic Documentation generation (a friend of mine is planning something 
>in docbook)
But a good export method with scalable graphics of any type is also 
important. (EPS, SVG,KOffice part, etc.)

>I would like to coordinate the uploading of my patches.
>I also would like to discuse about the actual design because I think there 
>are some problems on it that we need to fix in order to incorporate new 
As yet another reader of that code, and a regular user of the program, I 
would be interested in this discusion too :-) Also IMHO some things in 
the GUI might need polishing.


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