[Uml-devel] UML Modeller and KDE 3

Peeter Russak pezz at tkwcy.ee
Fri Apr 26 03:14:05 UTC 2002

On Thu, 25 Apr 2002, Gustavo Madrigal wrote:
> Hi,
> I am also doing some programming for the UML project.
> I have been doing some copy and paste stuff plus adding none straight line 
> association support (to be submited), a better movement  algorithm for 
> FloatingTexts associated with associations(to be submited), also a friend of 
> mine has some patches for speeding up file loading and saving(to be 
> submited), also he is working on state and activity diagrams. I know some 
> other people have been working on other stuff but they have been very quite.

Seems like quite many of us have good or even better patches for UML
tool. I don't know the situation, but is it possible to get access to 
UML tool's official CVS or to put up working repository somewhere else
so that existing patches could be merged into tree ASAP? Would be really 
good to get this thing moving again. I have plans to attack this tool's 
code or start a new project when my vacation starts at June.

> I also talked to Waldo Bastian (bastian at kde.org) about getting UML Object 
> Modeller inside KDE 3.1 and he said it would be nice, and two people from the 
> devel list <umbrello-devel at kde.org> answered positive about this 
> change. I have not heard anything from Paul Hensgen and I do not know if he 
> is going to keep working or not.

I don't think KDE 3.1 is good target for UML tool, maybe 3.2. I've
looked at the sourcecode and must say that despite it works some way I 
personally would not have courage to show this code to public. There's
IMHO a quite a bit of developing and cleanup work to do.

> The following are some ideas that I have:
> What do you think?

Being able to draw nicelooking diagrams and generate them from C++
sourcecode(it misses Qt-specific thhings at the moment) are my priorities. 
XMI as fileformat would be absolutely the best, but I know nothing about
XML programming so I have no plans for it.


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