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Ha, I was about to reply back with a comment about not knowing that 
there even was a Import Audio CD Data option.  You beat me to it. :-)  
But your previous comments make much more sense in that context.

So yeah, your process is different than mine in I've already ripped my 
CDs, so I'm just focused on the cataloging.  I generally use the update 
method you described since I'm starting from a CSV import of all my 
albums.  Unfortunately, the matching is... not great.  For the albums 
where I get a choice I can pick a good one, but it'll often match on a 
cassette tape or DVD or international version or just something crazy 
like that, so I need to do a fair amount of massaging as I go.  I think 
starting from a search rather than an update may ultimately save time, 
as at least that's more likely to give me a selection of items to choose 
from, whereas update usually chooses for me.

I also switched from musicbrainz to discogs after our last exchange - I 
/maybe/ get better matches with discogs (neither are great), but I like 
that discogs adds a link back to that specific release in discogs.  
Handy for future reference.

One last thing - have you noticed the Import File Audio Metadata 
option?  I just noticed that while looking up the CD option.  If you 
have your rips well tagged, that seems to reliably add the album with 
the correct title, artist, genre, year, and track names/artist/length.  
May help solve that problem you described with k3b and tellico returning 
different results.  The thing I don't like about the metadata import is 
that it messes up my CD collection template - adds a bunch of fields I 
don't want to /all/ items in the collection.  I need to try playing 
around with that a bit more and see if I can control that template - if 
so, this may end up being the speediest solution, as all I'd really need 
to do then would be to search discogs through my browser and copy over 
the few additional bits of info that I need.  Will still require manual 
work on every album, but at least I can be confident that the tracks and 
album metadata will always be correct.


On 10/14/21 10:44 PM, J. Allen Crider wrote:
> Two other comments in addition to my last reply.  I just realized that 
> you may not have found the "Import Audio CD Data..." option in Tellico 
> (it took me a little time to find it also).  Use File->Import->Import 
> Audio CD Data...  Because I use it so much, I have added it to the 
> toolbar so it is easier to find.
> Your reply caused me to try something I've never tried before.  I 
> created a new entry with only the title, medium, and artist.  Then I 
> did an Update Entry on it.  I still get a server timeout if I attempt 
> to update from MusicBrainz, but for my test case, an update from 
> Discogs did fill in the rest of the information.  It remains to be 
> seen how often that process might work for the rest of my collection 
> (I've only entered about half of my CDs so far and none of my LPs).
> Allen
> On 10/11/21 5:43 PM, Jared wrote:
>> Thanks for the reply!  I thought about creating them as separate 
>> entries per disc, but I really don't like that approach - I'm 
>> cataloging my music albums, not my individual CDs, so I'd rather keep 
>> them grouped as one entry per album.
>> I'm similarly importing the data for the most part (easy to generate 
>> a CSV file by listing all the album directories to a file and tacking 
>> on stuff like medium), and use musicbrainz to populate the tracks and 
>> album art.
>> I like the idea about noting multiple discs and adding comments for 
>> which tracks belong to which discs.  Not ideal, but probably the best 
>> way to work around that issue.  Very much appreciate the suggestion - 
>> will likely start doing that myself.
>> I didn't follow your comment about merging discs, though.  If you 
>> have to resort to manually creating the disc, which implies you're 
>> manually filling out the track lists for both albums, why do that as 
>> two separate albums and merge rather than just creating as a single 
>> album?  I tried doing that myself to see if maybe that was some way 
>> to "trick" tellico into maintaining two tracklists, but it just 
>> merges it into one long tracklist, so I'm not seeing what the 
>> benefit.  I'm sure I'm just missing something.  No big deal either 
>> way, just curious about your process.
>> -- 
>> Jared
>> On 10/9/21 9:58 AM, J. Allen Crider wrote:
>>> I haven't found any way to do what I think you are suggesting, but I 
>>> haven't looked.  If you wanted to list each disc as a separate album 
>>> in Tellico, I can think of at least two options.
>>> 1) You could duplicate the entry for however many disc are in the 
>>> album.  Then change the title of each entry to add the disc number, 
>>> and remove the tracks from the other disc(s).
>>> 2) Rather than using Musicbrainz, you could use "Import Audio CD 
>>> Data..." to import one disc at a time.  Then you would have a 
>>> separate entry for each disc.
>>> I have a similar problem, but I've chosen a different approach. If I 
>>> can find the album using "Internet Search...", I use that and simply 
>>> add a comment that tells how many discs are in the set. But I have a 
>>> lot of albums that I can't find using "Internet Search...", so I use 
>>> "Import Audio CD Data..." most of the time. I then insert blank rows 
>>> at the beginning of the track listing for the second disc (and any 
>>> subsequent discs), and then merge the entries.  I can then add the 
>>> comment about the number of discs in the merged entry.  If you 
>>> wanted to add more information to the comment, you could include 
>>> which tracks are on which disc (e.g. disc 1: tracks 1-12; disc 2: 
>>> tracks 13-20, or something similar; that is probably something I 
>>> should have done but I didn't think of it earlier).  One reason I've 
>>> taken the approach I have is that I am also ripping most of my 
>>> collection as I add them to Tellico (using K3b) and I rip all discs 
>>> in a set to the same directory and then use Kid3 to change the track 
>>> numbers and file names so that it will be easier to play the entire 
>>> album in the correct order.
>>> Allen Crider
>>> On 10/8/21 9:37 PM, Jared Breland wrote:
>>>> Hello.  I'm currently working on cataloging my music CDs, using 
>>>> musicbrainz as the source.  I have a lot of multi-disc albums, 
>>>> which musicbrainz seems to recognize and split out, but Tellico 
>>>> lists them only as a single album.  Ie., a 2-disc album with 12 and 
>>>> 8 tracks each is just listed as 20 tracks in Tellico.
>>>> I'm guessing this is working as intended because I can see how 
>>>> Tellico would be limited to a single Tracks table, but still wanted 
>>>> to confirm before i get to far - is there any way to make Tellico 
>>>> split out each disc into a separate track list?
>>>> -- 
>>>> Jared

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