Multi-disc albums

Jared Breland jbreland at
Sat Oct 9 03:37:37 BST 2021

Hello.  I'm currently working on cataloging my music CDs, using 
musicbrainz as the source.  I have a lot of multi-disc albums, which 
musicbrainz seems to recognize and split out, but Tellico lists them 
only as a single album.  Ie., a 2-disc album with 12 and 8 tracks each 
is just listed as 20 tracks in Tellico.

I'm guessing this is working as intended because I can see how Tellico 
would be limited to a single Tracks table, but still wanted to confirm 
before i get to far - is there any way to make Tellico split out each 
disc into a separate track list?

Jared Breland
jbreland at

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