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> ... I'm trying to create a customized Report for my Movie-Database.
> The Intention is, to have a offline-catalogue (print-out), containing the
> fields "Year of Production", "Cover", Title" and "Summarize".
> I tried to realize that by using the "Columns"-Report ... but this doesn't
> work, because "Summarize" is configuered as "Paragraph", not as Title ...
> and i can't activate this in the Column-view. Therefore i tried to create a
> new, personal-styled, Report, but ... i don't know how.

Some of the information is here:

Find your installed copy of Column_View.xsl and copy it into your local
folder ($HOME/.local/share/tellico/report-templates/). Rename it and edit
line 39. Instead of
<xsl:variable name="columns" select="str:tokenize($column-names)"/>
Change it to
<xsl:variable name="columns" select="year cover plot"/>
Make sure to change '*plot*' to whatever the field name of your Summarize
field is.

Hopefully that works out for you.

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