Multi-disc albums

J. Allen Crider software-eng at
Sat Oct 9 15:58:54 BST 2021

I haven't found any way to do what I think you are suggesting, but I 
haven't looked.  If you wanted to list each disc as a separate album in 
Tellico, I can think of at least two options.
1) You could duplicate the entry for however many disc are in the album. 
  Then change the title of each entry to add the disc number, and remove 
the tracks from the other disc(s).
2) Rather than using Musicbrainz, you could use "Import Audio CD 
Data..." to import one disc at a time.  Then you would have a separate 
entry for each disc.

I have a similar problem, but I've chosen a different approach.  If I 
can find the album using "Internet Search...", I use that and simply add 
a comment that tells how many discs are in the set.  But I have a lot of 
albums that I can't find using "Internet Search...", so I use "Import 
Audio CD Data..." most of the time.  I then insert blank rows at the 
beginning of the track listing for the second disc (and any subsequent 
discs), and then merge the entries.  I can then add the comment about 
the number of discs in the merged entry.  If you wanted to add more 
information to the comment, you could include which tracks are on which 
disc (e.g. disc 1: tracks 1-12; disc 2: tracks 13-20, or something 
similar; that is probably something I should have done but I didn't 
think of it earlier).  One reason I've taken the approach I have is that 
I am also ripping most of my collection as I add them to Tellico (using 
K3b) and I rip all discs in a set to the same directory and then use 
Kid3 to change the track numbers and file names so that it will be 
easier to play the entire album in the correct order.

Allen Crider

On 10/8/21 9:37 PM, Jared Breland wrote:
> Hello.  I'm currently working on cataloging my music CDs, using 
> musicbrainz as the source.  I have a lot of multi-disc albums, which 
> musicbrainz seems to recognize and split out, but Tellico lists them 
> only as a single album.  Ie., a 2-disc album with 12 and 8 tracks each 
> is just listed as 20 tracks in Tellico.
> I'm guessing this is working as intended because I can see how Tellico 
> would be limited to a single Tracks table, but still wanted to confirm 
> before i get to far - is there any way to make Tellico split out each 
> disc into a separate track list?
> -- 
> Jared Breland
> jbreland at

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