Music Collection - Default Field Problem

Ann Hopkins molto.libri at
Tue Jul 28 04:48:15 BST 2020

I had a lot of problems importing a csv import into the Music Collection.
After many attempts and using test files I think there is a real problem.

I decided to use the "Tracks" field, but I need a few more columns so I added them.

I imported my file.  It appears to work perfectly.  The tracks were all imported.  I look at them in the edit window. Good.
I save the file, and exit.
The next time I open the database there is nothing in the "Tracks" field.
I created a new field "XTracks" exactly like the "Tracks" field, and I use that field on my import.
Everything is fine.  I can open, edit, and look around and the field still stays populated.

I think there something with your default fields.  It appears to be fixed, and not changeable.

I know if you delete a field, it gets recreated, if you do a search import, so maybe?

Can I lock the default fields, so I don't make that kind of mistake again.

Thank you,

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