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Ann Hopkins molto.libri at
Sat Jul 18 18:49:16 BST 2020

I think I found enough workarounds to make it work.

Writing is hard for me because of vision problems.  It is best for me to list it out.  Sorry if it sounds abrupt.  I 
actually am very grateful to find your program.  I am using  tellico on a Windows 10 Virtualbox and it works pretty 
well.  I don't have all my old data, but I didn't really need some of it anyway.  I have transferred from 4 programs in 
15 years, so I know the risks - still I want keep some of it or I would be very sad.  I was able to save all my 
collected video image files links by massaging the data for which I am very grateful.

1)  Created a fake record and with a real title and fake data. Update functions with "overwrite selected" NOT CHECKED 
never filled empty fields on the fake record.
2)  Because it was a conversion, I tried to recreate and make a correlation to existing fields.  My misunderstanding.  I 
looked at the tellico.html files and I realized that importing data through IMDB etc.. using fixed field names to 
populate the database.  I used a text editor to create a set of fields so they do not overwrite my old data.

I am now updating through IMDB the "CAST" field which I could not import.  I will have to manually transfer the 
individual disks per title in boxed sets, but I can copy and past that in a new table field I created.

I used CSV to import.  I wish my vision was better, because I think I could have translated this better with an XSLT 
transformation (Collectorz has a full XML export), but it was too difficult for me to learn that without taking too much 
time. Online tutorials do not cover XML to XML with lists well.

Thanks for still supporting HTML export which is what I really wanted for backup purposes.


On 7/18/2020 10:26 AM, Robby Stephenson wrote:
> Hi,
> On Thu, Jul 16, 2020 at 1:17 PM Ann Hopkins <molto.libri at <mailto:molto.libri at>> wrote:
>     I am trying to convert an old Collectorz Movies database, and I can get most of the data into Tellico, but not the
>     actors.
>     I am testing with a small text export.
>     I want to use the update function with IMDB to only overwrite certain fields not all.
>     I learned I had to change to title on the update to something more generic. I saved my original title in another
>     field.
>     With "overwrite selected" CHECKED it overwrites a lot of fields I don't want to overwrite.
>     With "overwrite selected" NOT CHECKED it doesn't fill the actors at all.
>     Is there a way I can modify this behavior?
> In the IMDB source settings, is the "Maximum cast" number greater than zero? It also may be that your cast field may 
> look empty but isn't actually empty somehow, in which case it wouldn't overwrite it. If you want to email me a test 
> file directly, I can take a look.
> Robby

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