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Wed Jul 29 02:52:42 BST 2020

Hi Ann,

On Mon, Jul 27, 2020 at 11:48 PM Ann Hopkins <molto.libri at> wrote:

> I had a lot of problems importing a csv import into the Music Collection.
> After many attempts and using test files I think there is a real problem.
> I decided to use the "Tracks" field, but I need a few more columns so I
> added them.
> I imported my file.  It appears to work perfectly.  The tracks were all
> imported.  I look at them in the edit window. Good.
> I save the file, and exit.
> The next time I open the database there is nothing in the "Tracks" field.
> I created a new field "XTracks" exactly like the "Tracks" field, and I use
> that field on my import.
> Everything is fine.  I can open, edit, and look around and the field still
> stays populated.
> I think there something with your default fields.  It appears to be fixed,
> and not changeable.
> I know if you delete a field, it gets recreated, if you do a search
> import, so maybe?
> Can I lock the default fields, so I don't make that kind of mistake again.

Thanks for passing on that experience. There's no way to lock the fields on
an import, and it does sound like something's going wrong in the way
Tellico is 'merging' the default field with your import. I'll dig into it.

When you mention adding a few more columns, you're doing that in the CSV

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