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On 1/7/20 7:28 AM, Robby Stephenson wrote:
> My test searches successfully include Genre, Publisher, and Developer.
> Let me know an example that doesn't work and I'll poke at it. Which
> version of Tellico are you using? Tellico also tries to cache that
> data to avoid overloading the search API too much, I can check if
> there might be a bug there.

Huh. I'm using 3.2.3. Tried with a few random games for different
platforms. If I recall correctly, Bit.Trip Saga, Kirby's Dream Course,
and Uncharted 2. All failed to populate those fields. Can't think of
what I'd be doing differently than you. Any ideas, or suggestions on how
to better troubleshoot?

> There's no way to change it right now. But that's definitely a
> reasonable request. The challenge lies in the fact that a the
> different game data sources aren't all consistent themselves, so the
> internal heuristic forces a normalization (which itself can be
> error-prone) of the platform name. You could edit the source code, of
> course, but I'd have to think about a different way of mapping the
> source data to the internal values.

Yeah, I can understand that. I actually have looked at the source and
found where (I believe) that normalization is occurring. I really don't
want to resort to that, though, for obvious reasons.

Just spitballing here... it looks like you already store a list of
fields and associated values, restrictions, etc. with each collection. A
relatively easy (says the non-developer) way I think that could be
added, if a little clunky, could be to an additional field allowing the
ability to map built-in platform names to preferred platform names,
then, with scraping, you use the internal logic to map., eg., whatever calls PS3 to Tellico's internal name for PS3, than add an
extra step to map that to the preferred name if that mapping is defined

Actually, I just noticed that you have an option for setting additional
key/value properties for each field. I'm not sure what you'd typically
use that for, but that could be a really easy way to permit users to
create that mapping without introducing new UI elements.

Again, just spitballing. If you think that feature is worth pursuing
then I'd love to see it. If it's a pain and I'm the only one asking,
then it's obviously not worth spending much time on. Appreciate the
feedback and consideration either way, and hope you'll at least help me
figure out what's going on with the that first issue. Custom platform
names I can do without, but I'd really like to get that additional data


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