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On Thu, May 2, 2019 at 4:52 AM Jose-Marcio Martins da Cruz < at> wrote:

> > I'm not aware of any bug that was causing the loss of ISBN values or
> changing existing ones. An ISBN starting with 7
> > happens to be Chinese-based, I believe, so I'm not sure what might have
> happened there.
> This may happen with some data sources if the option : "Updating from
> source should overwrite user data" is checked for
> some sources.

Indeed, good point. That is a setting that can overwrite user data, so the
intent is to have it be off by default. Hopefully that is true for everyone.

> About photos of book covers, I had this indeed, but it not seemed to me
> that this was a Tellico problem.

Glad it wasn't Tellico's issue. But certainly if there is any confusion
about where Tellico saves images or links to them, please ask. There is a
global setting for Tellico about the image location so any issues would
likely be dependent on that.

> Either way, I'd like to thanks Robby for this very useful tool.

You're welcome! Very glad to know it's useful.

> José-Marcio

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