Tellico 3.2 Released

Robby Stephenson robby at
Sun May 26 03:10:41 BST 2019

I've made Tellico 3.2 available, with tweaks to the user interface, new
data sources, some other improvements and bug fixes.
MD5: e251dbc5591c12c26cfb645db18216c4

* Updated documentation.
* Added capability to dock collection views side-by-side.
* Improved speed when merging collections (Bug 349410).
* Added Moby Games data source.
* Added ComicVine data source.
* Updated Amazon data source to include localized data from Brazil,
Australia, India, Mexico, and Turkey.
* Updated data source.
* Updated data source (Bug 407811).
* Updated Visual Novel Database data source.
* Updated data source (Bug 403185).

Bug Fixes
* Fixed bug with setting IMDB rating in various locales (Bug 401894).
* Corrected server for National Library of Lithuania (Bug 404743).
* Don't open a blank entry for editing when collection has not been saved
(Bug 405191).
* Fix build against ICU 64.1 and later (Gentoo Bug 685460).

There were some deep user interface changes, so please let me know if
anything behaves badly. Thanks!

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