Announcing tellico2html (was: Issue with HTML export)

Xavier Brochard xavier at
Fri Oct 5 16:21:47 BST 2018

Le vendredi 5 octobre 2018, 03:44:03 CEST Bruno Cornec a écrit :
> Hello tellicoers !
> oDue to the issues I had to created in an automatic fashion a web site
> from my tellico data, I passed a bit of time these last days to create a
> script perfoming it for me, and thought it could be of interest to this
> community.
> So I'm announcing the availability of tellico2html, a tool to
> automatically generate a Web site from Tellico data using Perl scripts
> and Template Toolkit.
> More info available at
> I provided samples of my .tc files with it so you can generate web pages
> from it, and see how you could use it for your own collections (doc
> online on how to do that).
> And many thanks to Robby from providing tellico without which all that
> wouldn't exist and I wouldn't know ho to manage my collections ;-)
> One problem I'm still trying to solve, is that the field name of the
> image managed for wine is called "label", whereas it's "cover" for all
> the other collections I manage, which doesn't help when copying the
> image files in the target directory for HTML pages to use them.
> I tried to change thatin the tellico.xml file in the .tc, but as soon as
> I use tellico again it's changed back. I also try to patch (attached)
> winecollection.cpp, but it seems there are other mechanisms involved
> which put the "label" back in place.
> HTH,
> Bruno.

Bonjour Bruno

Merci pour ça et content de vous savoir toujours d'attaque.
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