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Bruno Cornec bruno at
Fri Oct 5 23:47:59 BST 2018

Hello Xavier,

On Fri, Oct 05, 2018 at 05:21:47PM +0200, Xavier Brochard wrote:
> Merci pour ça et content de vous savoir toujours d'attaque.
> Un petit "Ordre du jour" pour voir la vie en rose:

Thanks for the poetry, I find it very appropriate and I recommend that
other french speaking readers to indeed read it. I tried to apply some
of these recommendations in my case, and it seems it was useful to fight
cancer ;-)

Des infos sur la musique ancienne  --
Des infos sur les logiciels libres --
Home, sweet musical Home -- Lover of Andromède, Béatrice, Early Music, 
Josquin, Linux, Mélisande, Recorder, and Ségolène (not in that order)

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