3.1.3 No Group Cover View

Kat goodwork1917 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 5 15:53:56 GMT 2018

Or is it just the right click "Filter by Group" option now? Thanks again.

On 11/5/18 8:51 AM, Kat wrote:
> Hi There,
> Unable to see the group cover/icon view in the right panel where it 
> used to be.
> Installed 3.1.3 in Ubuntu 18.10 cosmic (x86-64) several times with the 
> same result.
> It only shows a single entry's details even when I select a group in 
> the left Group View panel or manually select several in the columned 
> entries panel (in list or thumbnail mode).
> Has the interface changed and is no longer like the official website 
> screenshots?
> If so, is there a way I can return to the previous interface in 3.1.3 
> with the useful list on top and thumbnails below when multiple entries 
> are selected?
> Many Thanks!

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