3.1.3 No Group Cover View

Robby Stephenson robby at periapsis.org
Thu Nov 8 01:48:28 GMT 2018

> On 11/5/18 8:51 AM, Kat wrote:
> Unable to see the group cover/icon view in the right panel where it used to be.

You've upgraded from the 2.x series?

> It only shows a single entry's details even when I select a group in the left Group View panel or manually select several in the columned entries panel (in list or thumbnail mode).
> Has the interface changed and is no longer like the official website screenshots?

Yes, I do need to update the screenshots. The column view and icon
view can be switched with the buttons above the view. So whatever
filter or group is being shown is consistent between the two of them.
And the selection should be consistent as well. That area is intended
to show the "collection" while the single entry area is only ever used
for a single entry now.

> If so, is there a way I can return to the previous interface in 3.1.3 with the useful list on top and thumbnails below when multiple entries are selected?

No, there's not a way to switch back. For the 3.2 release, I'm trying
to work out a docking user interface, so you could have whatever view
layout you like, combining them however you want. It's proving tricky
right now, not sure if I'll work it out or when that'll be ready.


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