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J. Allen Crider software-eng at cridermcdowellfamily.com
Tue May 29 03:38:53 UTC 2018

See comments below

On 05/28/2018 06:23 PM, Bill Gee wrote:
> My thoughts:
> On item 1 - Ditto!!  I often will not do an "Import Audio CD" on a multi-CD
> set.  Instead I do a search for it which often brings up a track list that
> includes all disks.
I almost always do a search before I do an import, but I have a lot of 
albums that do not turn up in search, but the individual discs will turn 
up on an import.  For now I usually do an import on the first disc if it 
finds data, and then add the tracks from other discs to the album.

> On item 2 - I use SoundKonverter to rip CDs.  Its data source usually agrees
> with Tellico.  I wind up having to go through most ripped music anyway to edit
> tags.  The online databases have a LOT of noise in them.
I'm going to look at SoundKonverter, but I think it is unlikely to help 
me any.  Most of the time, if an import succeeds, it produces the same 
information as K3b.  Because K3b will use CD text, there are times when 
K3b finds information while Tellico will report no record found. 
Basically my experience has been that sometimes I have to enter all of 
the information manually while I don't have to enter as much in K3b. 
When an import is successful, I almost always have to make the same 
changes in both applications to clean up the data.  If both applications 
could use local data, I think it would only be necessary to make the 
changes once.

> A related feature ...  This may already be there.  It would be nice to have a
> search order setting.  I would like to have Tellico search CD Text first, if
> it is there, then local data, then MusicBrainz, then CDDB.
As far as I've been able to determine, MusicBrainz is the only source 
Tellico will search when doing an internet search, while import only 
searches CDDB.  Using CD text would solve my problems with some of my 
collection, although I have a lot of older discs that do not have text.

> A new feature request - It would be nice to have reports that sort on multiple
> criteria.  For example, the Group View list sorts first by artist name and
> then by album title.  I would like an option to sort by artist name and then
> by album release date.  For books that would be author name and then copyright
> date.  It would be nice to have some way to add columns to a report.  I would
> like the Group View of music albums to include the media format alongside the
> album title.
> Another new feature request - When I add an album by "Import Audio CD", often
> the new entry is sorted in a way I do not expect.  It is common for it to be
> sorted on artist's first name instead of last, or on the orchestra name
> instead of composer, or something else.  There is no easy way to find new
> entries, so I often spend ten or fifteen minutes trying to figure out where it
> landed in the database.  It would be nice to have a way to display all new
> entries, or at least to have the entry that was just imported be the
> highlighted/selected entry.
When I started using Tellico the default sort order was the order in 
which albums were added, so the newest was always last.  Somewhere along 
the way the sort order was changed to album name.  However, you can add 
the Date Modified and/or Date Created to the display and sort on one of 
those columns.  Depending on whether you sort in ascending or descending 
order, the newest entry will then be near the top or bottom of the list. 
  It may still take some effort to find if you've added a number of 
albums that day, but it is easier than trying to find it in the full list.

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