Feature Requests

Bill Gee bgee at campercaver.net
Mon May 28 23:23:17 UTC 2018

My thoughts:

On item 1 - Ditto!!  I often will not do an "Import Audio CD" on a multi-CD 
set.  Instead I do a search for it which often brings up a track list that 
includes all disks.

On item 2 - I use SoundKonverter to rip CDs.  Its data source usually agrees 
with Tellico.  I wind up having to go through most ripped music anyway to edit 
tags.  The online databases have a LOT of noise in them.

A related feature ...  This may already be there.  It would be nice to have a 
search order setting.  I would like to have Tellico search CD Text first, if 
it is there, then local data, then MusicBrainz, then CDDB.

A new feature request - It would be nice to have reports that sort on multiple 
criteria.  For example, the Group View list sorts first by artist name and 
then by album title.  I would like an option to sort by artist name and then 
by album release date.  For books that would be author name and then copyright 
date.  It would be nice to have some way to add columns to a report.  I would 
like the Group View of music albums to include the media format alongside the 
album title.

Another new feature request - When I add an album by "Import Audio CD", often 
the new entry is sorted in a way I do not expect.  It is common for it to be 
sorted on artist's first name instead of last, or on the orchestra name 
instead of composer, or something else.  There is no easy way to find new 
entries, so I often spend ten or fifteen minutes trying to figure out where it 
landed in the database.  It would be nice to have a way to display all new 
entries, or at least to have the entry that was just imported be the 
highlighted/selected entry.

Bill Gee

On Monday, May 28, 2018 1:19:14 PM CDT J. Allen Crider wrote:
> I've added over 2000 albums to my music collection in Tellico so far and
> have a couple of ideas for features that I would like to see added.
> 1.  I have a lot of multi-disc sets that I prefer to store as a single
> album.  If I can find the album in MusicBrainz, it is often the way I
> want it, but if I use "Import Audio CD Data...", the only thing I've
> found that works is to import the first disc and then manually add the
> tracks for all other discs.  A way to merge entries to add all of the
> tracks from one album to another would be very useful.
> 2.  I sometimes take the time to use K3b to rip CDs as I am adding them
> to Tellico.  It works well if the online CDDB database used by both
> applications has the album.  But if the album is not in that database or
> if the information in that database isn't accurate (lots of typos,
> etc.), I have to edit the information in both applications to accomplish
> what I want.  K3b does have the capability of saving the edited
> information to locally (in ~/.cddb) and sometimes it retrieves that data
> instead of the online data if the CD is reloaded.  It would be real nice
> if Tellico could load that local copy when importing CDs and/or if
> Tellico could export CD information for use in K3b.
> Allen Crider

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