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Robert Waldner waldner at waldner.priv.at
Tue Jan 14 08:04:40 UTC 2014

On Mon, 13 Jan 2014 20:10:09 -0800, Robby Stephenson writes:
>On Wed, Jan 8, 2014 at 1:49 AM, erwin <erwin at herow-int.com> wrote:
>> What I noticed is that Tellico is not creating an thumbnail folder for
>> pictures. This latter comes in handy for (in my case) a book collection.
>> Adding over 1000 pictures goes rather slow. So I would suggest to implement
>> this as a feature.

>Your suggestion is an additional folder for thumbnails? Internally, Tellico
>caches the thumbnail pixmaps up to a certain memory limit, with a
>oldest-used-newest-kept type of cost model for dropping old cached pixmaps
>in favor of more recently used ones. I'd have to check that against writing
>and reading thumbnails on disk.
>If you're talking specifically about the speed when adding new images, I
>can check on improving that. Each image is loaded, the thumbnail is
>created, and image parameters (such as name and size) are added to the

Hmm, the only point where Tellico is noticably slow for me is at 
 startup (collection of ~2k books, most with front-cover images) - if
 I have the front-cover column visible, it takes about 2 minutes from
 starting until they're displayed:
real    2m0.283s
user    1m30.360s
sys     0m1.996s

*If* that time is spent creating thumbnails, caching those on disk 
 might speed up startup significantly.

Machine is pretty beefy (4GHz AMD FX8350, 8GB RAM), Tellico 
 2.3.5+dfsg.1-4 on Debian/amd64.

(Also, I'm seeing lots of 
    tellico(32636) Tellico::Data::Image::outputFormat: writing "GIF" as PNG 
    tellico(32636) Tellico::Data::Image::Image: "/tmp/kde-$user/tellicoH7kGNf/e5b57818e730b9ee9eabcfc89e0d5e9e.gif" loaded as PNG image 
 in the console, which might not be intentional.)

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