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Robby Stephenson robby at periapsis.org
Tue Jan 14 04:10:09 UTC 2014

On Wed, Jan 8, 2014 at 1:49 AM, erwin <erwin at herow-int.com> wrote:

> What I noticed is that Tellico is not creating an thumbnail folder for
> pictures. This latter comes in handy for (in my case) a book collection.
> Adding over 1000 pictures goes rather slow. So I would suggest to implement
> this as a feature.

Your suggestion is an additional folder for thumbnails? Internally, Tellico
caches the thumbnail pixmaps up to a certain memory limit, with a
oldest-used-newest-kept type of cost model for dropping old cached pixmaps
in favor of more recently used ones. I'd have to check that against writing
and reading thumbnails on disk.

If you're talking specifically about the speed when adding new images, I
can check on improving that. Each image is loaded, the thumbnail is
created, and image parameters (such as name and size) are added to the

> Another 2 things I would like to suggest are; 1) the option to use
> concurrent search, or out simply choose multiple sources for search at
> once. (I use mainly ISBN search and would like it to use Open Library and
> Google Book Search together, instead of doing separate searches in case one
> of the two can not find it.)

You can already create data sources which combine multiple sources. Open up
the Data Sources configuration in the settings and select New and change
the type to "Multiple Sources". Then you can combine any of the existing
data sources in a single search. See if that works for you.

> 2) I would like some form of opt-out option for added functions and
> searches. (I only use it for my book collection, so I do not need film or
> music libraries, so if I could choose only book collection it saves me
> time. I think the same applies to users who only use it for music or film
> collections. And as I only use 2 or 3 base sources for searching I would be
> glad to turn off the other sources. Which I think will apply also to
> several other users.)

You can add, modify or remove any of the data sources in the
Settings->Configure Tellico and select "Data Sources".

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