[Tellico-users] Changing printing layout

mivaho at gmail.com mivaho at gmail.com
Thu May 17 13:47:04 UTC 2012

Hi Robby,

> You should be able to click on the issue number column, then
> click the series column, and then the print should be in the same order
> you see in the window.

I had to do some tweaking and trying but in the end I got some result. 
Can't say it's user friendly or even intuitive.

The sorting is done strictly so I'll have to go and ad zero's in front 
of the 1 to 9 issues so I'll see them at the top.

> That said, the tellico-printing.xsl file is rather complex. I"m assuming
> you're putting xsl:sort statements below the xsl:for-each for the
> entries? That path for the output is used if the entries are not being
> grouped, which is one of the options in the print dialog.

I was now where near that I think. There is a part at the top of that 
file with the line:

<xsl:param name="column-names" select="'title'"/>

Above it it says that you should put the field names in there. That was 
what I was doing.

> Does that help?

You pointed me in the right place. At least I can get a issue sorted 
list now :)

> Robby

Thnx, Robby.


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