[Tellico-users] Delcious Library export correctly

Robby Stephenson robby at periapsis.org
Sun Jan 8 06:07:52 UTC 2012

On Wednesday 04 January 2012, Rodney D. Myers wrote:
> On 1/3/12 10:51 PM, Robby Stephenson wrote:
> > Based on that error, it's tough to say what the problem is. Any chance
> > you could send me your delicious library xml file directly (not to the
> > mailing list)? I can take a shot at debugging it and let you know. I
> > don't have Delicious Library myself to test with.
> Here are the music.xml & movie.xml files

Thanks, I did have a chance today to take a look. I'd forgotten that I wrote 
the importer for Delicous Library files back before DL2 had been released. 
And I believe you said you were using Delicious Library 2, correct?

The XML files you sent came from exporting your collection from DL? I'm 
actually surprised that importing the file for the books works in Tellico. 
The files you sent are different XML than what DL1 used, I believe. I've 
attached an updated XSL file that should work for your movie export. You can 
replace the version of delicious2tellico.xsl in the xsl/ directory in the 
tellico source. I'm still working on getting the music to work.

The actors and genres don't work quite yet, primarily because the way that 
DL exports them is very sloppy. They're all run together so it's impossible 
to figure out how to split the actors or genres.

Do you know where/how DL2 stores your data? Is it all together in one file 
somewhere? I'm not sure if it still uses XML or maybe switched to some DB 


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