[Tellico-users] Re: Problem exporting to html

Josep josep2006 at ya.com
Tue Apr 5 10:01:45 UTC 2011

El Dilluns 2011-04-04 01:19:03 Robby Stephenson va escriure:

> Hi Josep,
> Tellico 2.3.2 adjusted the HTML output so that links with long anchor texts
> should be truncated in the middle, to a maximum length of 30 characters.
> (That's done in the tellico-common.xsl file if anyone needs to change it)

Hello, Robby:

I've changed 30 to 60 length and nothing happens in html export files.

I'll try to answer your questions:

> Are you just  using the File->Export to HTML command to generate the HTML 

Yes, and I check (1)"format all fields" and (2)"export only selected entries", 
and in html options (1)"print fields rows"

> How are  you getting the http links in there ? 

I write directly into the field created in the database.

I have a database about films (more tan thousand) and when I did a post in my 
blog about a film, I write the url published. After that, I used to filter 
entries corresponding and export to html file, as you can see in the index of 
my blog.

> The reason I ask is because the  default way of linking to the is inside a
> folder with a _files extension.

I can't understand this.

I've been using a tellico2html.xsl modified by Adiel Mittmann who, three years 
ago, in this list, anwser similar question, between 27/03/2008 and 07/04/2008.

But in this last version of tellico, I see that the export works without 
changing the file, but the problem is, as you saw, url truncated and it doesn't 
matter if I change the tellico2html.xsl file.

> And from your blog, it appears that you're using some kind of date in the
> url? Like 2007/12 for example.

No: I write the full url of my post.

> Also, are you using one of the default templates for exporting the entry
> HTML pages or doing that from the XML file directly?

I export using File/Export/Export to html and previously I've select entries.

> Thanks,
> Robby

You're welcome. Thanks to you for creating tellico and for your help.

p.d.: If you want, I can send to you, privately, the files you need to best see 



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