[Tellico-users] Re: Problem exporting to html

Robby Stephenson robby at periapsis.org
Sun Apr 3 23:19:03 UTC 2011

On Tuesday 29 March 2011, Josep wrote:
> El Dimecres 2011-03-30 00:17:34 Alexander Fischer va escriure:
> > the html does not contain any width definitions ([min/max-]width) and
> > the table looks ok when opening it with Firefox 4, Chrome 10 or Opera
> > 11. Because that I don't think this is a problem related to Tellico.
> The table looks very well, but if you click on the title of the films,
> you can go directly to the post to my blog, wich is the function
> pursued.
> If you go to the index of my blog  (see link beelow, at the signature)
> you can see last table running ok. Now, i can't upgrade the index
> because hyperlinks are wrong, as in the example send.

Hi Josep,

Tellico 2.3.2 adjusted the HTML output so that links with long anchor texts 
should be truncated in the middle, to a maximum length of 30 characters. 
(That's done in the tellico-common.xsl file if anyone needs to change it)

When I read your email, my first thought was that I accidently switched the 
anchor link with the anchor text. In other words, I truncated the URL 
instead of the text of the link. But I checked the XSL file and that is not 
the case.

I've been unable to reproduce the problem you're having. I have a few more 
questions that I  hope you can answer so I can figure it out. Are you just 
using the File->Export to HTML command to generate the HTML file? How are you 
getting the http links in there ? The reason I ask is because the default 
way of linking to the is inside a folder with a _files extension. And from 
your blog, it appears that you're using some kind of date in the url? Like 
2007/12 for example.

Also, are you using one of the default templates for exporting the entry 
HTML pages or doing that from the XML file directly?


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