[Tellico-users] Tellico 2.3.1 Released

Robby Stephenson robby at periapsis.org
Sun Nov 7 15:38:20 UTC 2010

Hi Everyone,

I've packaged up Tellico 2.3.1 with several bug fixes and a few
improvements. The release notice is at
http://tellico-project.org/tellico-231-released and it can be
downloaded from http://tellico-project.org/download

I had some problems last time since I was messing up the Drupal links
for the website, but I hope that's all fixed now! As always, please
send questions and comments to the Tellico mailing list.

My thanks to everyone who helped with bug reporting and translations.

* Fixed the Edit Dialog to have consistent behavior when discarding
edits (Bug 255938).
* Fixed issue in Italian translation that caused an error for HTML
export (Bug 254863).
* Updated the IMDb search for new layout (Bug 253549).
* Updated Freebase search for new music schema.
* Changed HTML output for URL fields to truncate link text (Bug 250880).
* Improved the matching algorithm for updating entries when multiple
good matches exist (Bug 250886).
* Fixed crash with searching z39.50 servers (Bug 250795).
* Updated GCstar plugin reader to use a separate thread for speed and
* Improved GCstar import and export for wine and comic book collections.
* Fixed bug with adding new fields during CSV import.
* Updated the DTD to match recent changes in collection fields.
* Fixed filter view to apply filter when item is selected (Bug 248657).
* Updated the export dialog to allow limiting the number of exported
fields (Bug 246390).
* Added data source for searching DVDFr.com.
* Added options in the CSV importer and exporter to read and control
table delimiters.
* Increased the maximum visible cover icon size to 256 pixels.


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