[Tellico-users] Re: Tellico and Disocgs

Enrico Bernardi ebernardi1968 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 6 21:05:07 UTC 2010


2010/11/6 Robby Stephenson <robby at periapsis.org>:
> On Wednesday 03 November 2010, Enrico Bernardi wrote:
>> Hi,
>> ...
> There were some updates in Tellico 2.2 to fix some bugs with searching the
> Discogs site. I'm guessing you may have an earlier version? With the most
> recent release, I get all the data for the two cases you mentioned.
> So upgrade if you can.  :/ Sorry...
> Robby

Yes, I have the version 1.3.5 and it was installed by ubuntu
repository and in my pc has ubuntu 9.04. Now after your e-mail I
understand it depends from the version.
At the moment I can not update in the next future yes. Thanks very
much for your help.

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