[Tellico-users] Re: 'discard' doesn't always discard changes

Robby Stephenson robby at periapsis.org
Wed Nov 3 04:31:31 UTC 2010

On Monday 01 November 2010, Andrew Bennett wrote:
> 1) double-click on an entry to open it
> 2) type something into an empty field or change an existing field
> 3) click close
> 4) click discard
>    --> the entry is not bolded
>    --> the collection is not marked as having a change (title bar
> doesn't include '[modified]')
> 5) double-click on the entry again
>    --> the text I entered is (incorrectly) still there
> To cause potential data loss: repeat steps 1-5, then:
> 6) edit another field
> 7) click close
> 8) click save entry
>    --> the original, "discarded" change gets (incorrectly) applied
> This could cause data loss in the case where a user edits an entry,
> makes a mistake and wants to 'start over', closes the entry and
> discards their changes, then re-edits the entry.  A bit of a corner
> case, but could catch someone who isn't paying close attention or
> making changes in multiple categories (tabs).

Ah, true, very subtle. :) It's a consequence of the fact that the Entry 
Editor dialog window is never really closed, just hidden. And the value sin 
the edit boxes aren't actually emptied when the window is closed. I'll fix 

> Also, unrelated, but: when I open Tellico, the cursor starts in the
> Filter field.  I can't press ctrl-u to edit the Collection Fields
> without tabbing or clicking out of the Filter field (it looks like
> ctrl-u is used to erase any text entered in the field).  It's been a
> minor annoyance.  Is this the intended behavior?

Hmmm, my window has the field combo box selected, so CTRL-U does bring up the 
Collection Fields dialog without problem. Typing a letter selects the first 
group field that starts with that letter. I guess the toolbar is getting 
selection, so the cursor starts there? I'm not sure how the focus works in 

There are keyboard shortcuts for the toolbar, so maybe the focus is a side-
result  of setting them? I can poke at things, but it's not intentional.


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