[Tellico-users] 'discard' doesn't always discard changes

Andrew Bennett drewbenn at gmail.com
Mon Nov 1 08:01:33 UTC 2010

Hi Robby,

I noticed this issue today; it appears in Tellico versions 2.2 (from
Ubuntu 10.10 repositories), 2.3 (built from source tarball from
tellico-project.org with some of my changes), and the SVN trunk tip
(rev 1191748 (last changed rev: 1189012 2010-10-23)).

1) double-click on an entry to open it
2) type something into an empty field or change an existing field
3) click close
4) click discard
   --> the entry is not bolded
   --> the collection is not marked as having a change (title bar
doesn't include '[modified]')
5) double-click on the entry again
   --> the text I entered is (incorrectly) still there

At this point, if I select a different entry and then re-select the
initial entry, the text will be properly discarded.  I selected a
different entry, made & saved a change there, and then saved the
Tellico file; when I re-opened the file the discarded text was
(correctly) still gone.

To cause potential data loss: repeat steps 1-5, then:
6) edit another field
7) click close
8) click save entry
   --> the original, "discarded" change gets (incorrectly) applied

This could cause data loss in the case where a user edits an entry,
makes a mistake and wants to 'start over', closes the entry and
discards their changes, then re-edits the entry.  A bit of a corner
case, but could catch someone who isn't paying close attention or
making changes in multiple categories (tabs).

Also, unrelated, but: when I open Tellico, the cursor starts in the
Filter field.  I can't press ctrl-u to edit the Collection Fields
without tabbing or clicking out of the Filter field (it looks like
ctrl-u is used to erase any text entered in the field).  It's been a
minor annoyance.  Is this the intended behavior?



Drew Bennett
drewbenn at gmail.com

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