[Tellico-users] Filtering on tables

Robby Stephenson robby at periapsis.org
Thu Apr 1 04:06:54 UTC 2010


On Wednesday 31 March 2010, Louis Bohn wrote:
> Since upgrading to v2.1.x, my filters have been acting strange.  I have a
> three column table for cast notes, with filters set up to match values in
> columns 1 and 3, ignoring column 2.

Internally, yes, I shifted the way the value was bookkept, mostly to make it 
unambiguous when multiple values are entered in one cell.
> Using a Regex pattern similar to "ValueA:[^;]*:ValueB" I had been able to
> filter correctly.  (The bracketed semicolon ensures matches are found
> only on a single row rather than across the entire table.)

Now, for consistency, the semi-colon is used to separate values within one 
cell, and then internally, double colons are used to separate cells, and the 
line separator 0x2028 separates rows. (yeah, this is silly, but I've tried 
hard to keep backwards compatibility for this and it was a dumb decision I 
made long ago ;P)

So you no longer need the bracketed semicolon. But I don't know how that 
would have impacted your case.

> Looking at the tellico.xml file, it appears the earlier entries are
> populated with empty column pairs while the newer ones only include
> column entries which have values. 

The way the XML is written is completely separate form how its stored in 
memory once the file is loaded.  So I don't think that is an issue.

> This worked
> reliably for me with v1.x of Tellico.  However any new entries I've
> added since upgrading don't often show up when I apply the filter or
> appear in filtered searches when they shouldn't.

If you could nail down a small example file (or email me your whole file if 
its small enough and you don't mind) where the issue shows up, and give me 
explicit steps and expected results, I could take a look.

I just created a quick file with a 3-column table and did a regexp filter on 
the 1st and 3rd columns. It seemed to work with the small example, which is 
why I think I need a test file from you.

Thanks for the help!

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