[Tellico-users] Filtering on tables

Louis Bohn lbohn007 at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 1 02:26:49 UTC 2010


Since upgrading to v2.1.x, my filters have been acting strange.  I have a
three column table for cast notes, with filters set up to match values in
columns 1 and 3, ignoring column 2.

Using a Regex pattern similar to "ValueA:[^;]*:ValueB" I had been able to
filter correctly.  (The bracketed semicolon ensures matches are found only
on a single row rather than across the entire table.)  This worked reliably
for me with v1.x of Tellico.  However any new entries I've added since
upgrading don't often show up when I apply the filter or appear in filtered
searches when they shouldn't.

Looking at the tellico.xml file, it appears the earlier entries are
populated with empty column pairs while the newer ones only include column
entries which have values.  An example:

Older entries:

Newer entries:

I think this may be why my filters are producing unexpected results.  Any


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