[Tellico-users] Laughing Horse Books needs your help!

Robby Stephenson robby at periapsis.org
Thu Oct 29 02:54:06 UTC 2009

I'm away from home for the week, but if you want to write a duumy
report with fake values as a html file and send it to me, I can take a
shot at turning it into a report xsl file.

Not sure why the update menu stuff doesn't work. None of the data
sources work? This is for a book collection?


On 10/27/09, Adrian Wells <awells at pdx.edu> wrote:
> I am a volunteer at Laughing Horse Books (located in Portland, OR).
> We're a non-profit, cooperatively-owned bookstore that sells and lends
> materials (books, videos, cds) related to social justice and change.
> We're attempting to start handling things electronically.  I wasn't able
> to find any Linux software directly orientated to bookstores, so I've
> decided to use Tellico instead.  The custom fields feature is quite
> useful and I think I know how I'm going to handle transactions and what
> not.  So far we have only two hang ups:
> First is reports.  I'd like to be able to generate monthly reports that
> show the amount of books sold, the value of those books, and the person
> who sold them.  While I created fields for this information, I'm not
> savvy enough to create a report template to handle this.  I don't know
> how much work this would entail, but I would certainly appreciate it if
> someone would create such a template for me.
> The second hang up isn't so much of a feature issue but a problem. We'll
> be running Tellico on Ubuntu computers and I noticed that the "Update
> Entry" and "Internet Search" functions don't work at all for me.
> Considering the volume of books we'll be processing, getting this to
> work for us would be extremely time saving.  Does anyone have an idea as
> to why this isn't working?
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