[Tellico-users] Laughing Horse Books needs your help!

Adrian Wells awells at pdx.edu
Tue Oct 27 21:03:04 UTC 2009

I am a volunteer at Laughing Horse Books (located in Portland, OR).
We're a non-profit, cooperatively-owned bookstore that sells and lends
materials (books, videos, cds) related to social justice and change.  

We're attempting to start handling things electronically.  I wasn't able
to find any Linux software directly orientated to bookstores, so I've
decided to use Tellico instead.  The custom fields feature is quite
useful and I think I know how I'm going to handle transactions and what
not.  So far we have only two hang ups:

First is reports.  I'd like to be able to generate monthly reports that
show the amount of books sold, the value of those books, and the person
who sold them.  While I created fields for this information, I'm not
savvy enough to create a report template to handle this.  I don't know
how much work this would entail, but I would certainly appreciate it if
someone would create such a template for me.

The second hang up isn't so much of a feature issue but a problem. We'll
be running Tellico on Ubuntu computers and I noticed that the "Update
Entry" and "Internet Search" functions don't work at all for me.
Considering the volume of books we'll be processing, getting this to
work for us would be extremely time saving.  Does anyone have an idea as
to why this isn't working?

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