[Tellico-users] Webcam barcode scanning

Sebastian Held sebastian at bildungsdoku-gabi.de
Wed Oct 28 19:07:11 UTC 2009


you need to explicitly enable the webcam support (it is experimental code).
Try to use ccmake instead of cmake (I do not remember the correct name of the 


Am Mittwoch 28 Oktober 2009 19:58:49 schrieb Rory Verleysen:
> Hi all,
> First & foremost, thank you for this great piece of software!!
> I'm having some problems enabling the webcam image capture..
> I have no idea how to enable it in tellico :| , i've searched through the
> mailing list, forum & help files but found nothing except some loose help
> requests.
> I'm using a uvc webcam, working perfectly with 'mplayer tv://'.
> I've build the latest svn revision (1041828) but i could not detect any
> noticeable changes considering this issue.
> I also tried the build in debug mode but for some reason, there's no debug
> info appearing in the console.
> I have attached the build output & v4l-info output.
> Can someone give me a hand here?
> Thanks in advance!
> Regards

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