[Tellico-users] Missing Icons & Reports in Tellico 2.1

Robby Stephenson robby at periapsis.org
Mon Nov 16 14:35:33 UTC 2009

On Sunday 15 November 2009, Louis Bohn wrote:
> Hi,
> Seeing that the sorting bug had been fixed (thank you!), I finally built
>  and installed Tellico 2.1 yesterday.  Upon starting the program (looking
>  nice!), I see that some, but not all, icons are "missing" inside the
>  program. Specifically I have noticed the Tellico icon, check mark and
>  star ratings are "missing."  I have confirmed the icons exist in
>  /share/apps/tellico/pics but it would seem Tellico isn't displaying
>  them.  When selecting File>New, most the icons are missing as well.  The
>  few icons that do display in File>New are different than those in
>  /apps/tellico/pics.  For instance, the Wine Collection icon under
>  File>New is a Wine Glass, but the icon in /apps/tellico/pics is a Wine
>  Bottle.  Other icons may be missing/different, these are the ones I have
>  noticed.
> Additionally, I can't seem to generate reports or print in Tellico 2.1. 
>  I can see the various reports in /share/apps/tellico/report-templates,
>  but after selecting "Generate Reports..." I have no Report Templates
>  listed in the drop down box.  I assume not being able to print is a
>  function of having no reports to generate.

All of that sounds like you installed Tellico in a location which isn't 
being picked up in the KDEDIRS variable maybe? Essentially, everytime 
Tellico looks for an icon or file in the installation location, it looks in 
the directories listed in the $KDEDIRS variable. If, for example, you 
installed inn /usr/local, make sure /usr/local is in that variable.

> I can also confirm Jerome's bug -- all my saved filters are gone after
>  closing Tellico.  If I open a file saved with Tellico 1.3.5, the filters
>  are there ... until I save in 2.1, close and reopen the file.

Yup, gotta fix that one.


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