[Tellico-users] Missing Icons & Reports in Tellico 2.1

Louis Bohn lbohn007 at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 15 14:33:49 UTC 2009


Seeing that the sorting bug had been fixed (thank you!), I finally built and
installed Tellico 2.1 yesterday.  Upon starting the program (looking nice!), I
see that some, but not all, icons are "missing" inside the program. 
Specifically I have noticed the Tellico icon, check mark and star ratings are
"missing."  I have confirmed the icons exist in /share/apps/tellico/pics but it
would seem Tellico isn't displaying them.  When selecting File>New, most the
icons are missing as well.  The few icons that do display in File>New are
different than those in /apps/tellico/pics.  For instance, the Wine Collection
icon under File>New is a Wine Glass, but the icon in /apps/tellico/pics is a
Wine Bottle.  Other icons may be missing/different, these are the ones I have

Additionally, I can't seem to generate reports or print in Tellico 2.1.  I can
see the various reports in /share/apps/tellico/report-templates, but after
selecting "Generate Reports..." I have no Report Templates listed in the drop
down box.  I assume not being able to print is a function of having no reports
to generate.

I can also confirm Jerome's bug -- all my saved filters are gone after closing
Tellico.  If I open a file saved with Tellico 1.3.5, the filters are there ...
until I save in 2.1, close and reopen the file.


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