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On Wed, Oct 30, 2013 at 9:02 AM, Søren Krogh Neigaard
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> Hi again,
> I am struggling getting started using taglib in Xcode.
> I think I have done the right thing here..? I have build taglib with the
> following:
> -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX="/**Users/soeren/dev-libs/build"
> and ofcourse make and make install. I then added libtag.a and libtag_c.a
> to my Xcode project and set the "User Header Search Paths" to
> "/Users/soeren/dev-libs/build/**include". Is this correct?

Based on my limited experience building for OS X, I think it would be
easier to use a framework with Xcode. You can use cmake to build a TagLib
framework with -DBUILD_FRAMEWORK=ON (see the INSTALL file).

> But now I dont know how to use this from Objective C? If i make this
> import:
> #import <taglib/taglib.h>
> I get a compiler error, but I can do this:
> #import "taglib/taglib.h"
> But I can not figure out what to import to be able to use
> "TagLib::FileRef" in my code. Do I need to make some kind of wrapper to use
> this in Objective C, or what do I do now? Please get me in the right
> direction, using a C++ library from Xcode/ObjC is totally new for me.

With this I can't help directly, I have no experience with Obj-C, but have
a look at some of Stephen's code that uses TagLib:

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