Taglib::Ogg::FLAC::File::properties missing?

Michael Helmling michaelhelmling at posteo.de
Thu Jan 3 22:25:36 UTC 2013

Hallo Sebastian,

you are absolutely right, thank you very much for finding this bug. The 
same problem affected several other formats like Speex and Opus, and in 
the case of the "removeUnsupportedProperties()" function even some more.

I have added a fix in the latest commit, it probably will be included in 
taglib 1.9.


Am 31.12.2012 20:52, schrieb Sebastian Rachuj:
> Hello,
> a program I wrote uses taglib to read the metadata of my music files. 
> It was working just fine until I tried it with an Ogg FLAC file which 
> resulted in a SIGSEGV. By using valgrind I realized that the reason is 
> a stack overflow. Unfortunately I couldn't find a mistake in my code 
> that could create such an error. But when I was checking the sources 
> of taglib, I found that Taglib::Ogg::FLAC::File doesn't seem to 
> overwrite the ugly Taglib::File::properties, so that every call to 
> dynamic_cast<const Ogg::FLAC::File* >(this)->properties(); ends again 
> within the same method.
> I'm not sure if I understood the code correctly, but I think it should 
> just work to copy the code for "properties" and "setProperties" used 
> for vorbis to the flac code (see attached patches).
> Anyway thanks for reading my mail and for creating such a useful library.
> Best Regards
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