Announcing pytaglib

Michael Helmling michaelhelmling at
Fri Dec 14 16:51:02 UTC 2012

Hi tag-interested people,

I'd like to announce "pytaglib", the new Python bindings for TagLib 
I wrote the library because the two existing python bindings, TagPy and 
Python-TagLib, don't seem to be actively developed and lack support for 
Python 3. Additional advantages of pytaglib are:

1. Supports both Python2.x and Python3.x with the same code base (no 
2to3 needed).
2. Uses the Cython compiler for easy interfacing to C++ with a clear, 
Python-like syntax.
3. Extremely small code footprint (only ~200 SLOC) makes it lightweight 
and robust.
4. Uses the PropertyMap-Interface of TagLib-1.8 for format-independent 
tag access with maximum flexibility.
5. Length, bitrate, sample rate and number of channels are accessible as 

To install pytaglib, you need a system running taglib-1.8 (with 
development headers) and Cython compiled for your version of python. 
Then pytaglib can be installed with easy_install or pip. For more 
details confer the README. Users of Arch Linux can also install 
python-pytaglib from the AUR. I will try to create Debian and Ubuntu 
packages ASAP and enforce integration in the major distributions.

So far the packages probably has not been tested by a wide audience, 
however I know a few people using it for quite some time now without 
problems. If you encounter any bug or have other questions or 
suggestions, please don't hesitate to use the github issue tracker for 
reporting them.


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