Announcing pytaglib

Michael Helmling michaelhelmling at
Fri Dec 21 07:54:23 UTC 2012

And of course, in case the taglib maints consider this package 
interesting, I'd be very happy to see it linked in the "Language 
Bindings" section on! :-)

> Hi tag-interested people,
> I'd like to announce "pytaglib", the new Python bindings for TagLib 
> (
> I wrote the library because the two existing python bindings, TagPy 
> and Python-TagLib, don't seem to be actively developed and lack 
> support for Python 3. Additional advantages of pytaglib are:
> 1. Supports both Python2.x and Python3.x with the same code base (no 
> 2to3 needed).
> 2. Uses the Cython compiler for easy interfacing to C++ with a clear, 
> Python-like syntax.
> 3. Extremely small code footprint (only ~200 SLOC) makes it 
> lightweight and robust.
> 4. Uses the PropertyMap-Interface of TagLib-1.8 for format-independent 
> tag access with maximum flexibility.
> 5. Length, bitrate, sample rate and number of channels are accessible 
> as well.
> To install pytaglib, you need a system running taglib-1.8 (with 
> development headers) and Cython compiled for your version of python. 
> Then pytaglib can be installed with easy_install or pip. For more 
> details confer the README. Users of Arch Linux can also install 
> python-pytaglib from the AUR. I will try to create Debian and Ubuntu 
> packages ASAP and enforce integration in the major distributions.
> So far the packages probably has not been tested by a wide audience, 
> however I know a few people using it for quite some time now without 
> problems. If you encounter any bug or have other questions or 
> suggestions, please don't hesitate to use the github issue tracker for 
> reporting them.
> Regards,
> Michael
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