Regarding input file name to Taglib.

varun Yadav varunyadav83 at
Thu Nov 10 06:12:29 UTC 2011


I am new to it, I  am writing a application by using taglib and able to
read different tags but main issue regarding input file name to taglib.

When i use file name with more than 200+ characters then taglib will not
able to read it.

filename: 123456789112345678921234567893123456789412345678951234567896123456789712345678981234567899123456789012345678911234567892123456789312345678941234567895123456789612345678971234567898123456789912345678901234567891123456789212345678.mp3


Getting Caps
TagLib: Could not open file /dev/media/DE9B-3E54/
Name of CodecMimeType application/x-id3
Freeing Caps
Closing File

Thanks for any suggestion.

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