undefined symbol errors when running latest taglib on osx app

m_potapoff m_potapoff at shaw.ca
Sat Nov 12 18:51:28 UTC 2011

I found a solution to the problem, and it has to do with how you use tablib
in your programming environment.  I was having the same issues compiling
with Qt Creator and QT under OSX Lion.

First I installed taglib using :

./config --prefix=/usr
sudo make install

this put the taglib into the "normal" location for a unix/bsd environment
instead of being installed to /usr/local/lib   & /usr/local/include

next, inside my .pro file within my project directory,  the usual way of
including taglib would be to use :

CONFIG += link_pkconfig
PKGCONFIG += taglib

but this results in nothing at all and seems to be ignored by QMake. 
Instead what I have discovered is that you need to actually include the
paths manually as follows :

INCLUDEPATH += /usr/include/taglib
LIBS += -L/usr/lib/taglib -ltag

it seems that when you get the cannot find symbols for x86_64, it is really
saying it can't find the libs at all !!!   So you have to point your
environment to where they are.

I'm not sure how to do this with XCODE as I really don't like Object C  and
the learning curve to start using it and Cocoa was more than I wanted to do
at this time, hence the use of QT instead (since its cross platform and
Cocoa isn't !)

Mike :)

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