using taglib in a qt-creator project

Ricardo Band ricardoband at
Tue Mar 22 23:49:08 CET 2011

>Joel Verhagen <joel.verhagen at>
>2011-03-22, 20:25:45
>I was having the same problem with Taglib 1.6.3, so I wrote a tutorial on my 
>It should be pretty similar to Taglib 1.7.
>Joel Verhagen

I tested the Windows guide under debian and it seems to work. It compiles 
without errors and I have a "libTagLib.a" file now.
Now the question is how to use this in my qt creator project.

If I would compile on a native target I would just install "taglib-dev" and than 
use "#include <TagLib>" in my project. But I cross-compile for an armel target 
and I don't know if I can install dev packages in a sysroot.

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