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I was having the same problem with Taglib 1.6.3, so I wrote a tutorial on my

should be pretty similar to Taglib 1.7.

Joel Verhagen

On Tue, Mar 22, 2011 at 2:06 PM, Ricardo Band <ricardoband at> wrote:

> I'm develping a program for maemo5 ( for editing id3
> tags and stuff and wanted to use taglib for it.
> I use Qt creator on Windows and Debian but I haven't figured out how to use
> taglib as externel resource so if taglib gets updated on maemo5 my program
> can use the new version without recompiling.
> What are the steps needed to do this? I found that I need to compile the
> taglib source so that I get the libTagLib.a file is that right?
> And if I have this how can I use it?
> Many questions and I hope someone has answers.
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