APE file support

"Новичков А. А." novichko at atnet.ru
Fri Jul 2 20:25:43 CEST 2010

*To Alessandro Tucci:*

 > Which are the exact modifications you made in apetag.h and apetag.cpp?
 > Thanks for your attention.

I've made only two changes - I changed signatures of APE::Tag constructor
Tag(File *file, long footerLocation);

Tag(TagLib::File *file, long footerLocation);
in both apetag.h and apetag.cpp respectively.
To *Lukáš Lalinský:

There is one thing in my code that is against the official
APE sources: in the latter ones only either ID3v1 or APE
tags can be read and written from/into an *.ape file.
But my code *intentionally do not follow this rule.
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