APE file support

Lukáš Lalinský lalinsky at gmail.com
Fri Jul 2 12:37:59 CEST 2010

2010/6/29 "Новичков А. А." <novichko at atnet.ru>:
> I've written two new classes APE::File and APE::Properties which implement
> ape files support. I hope they will be useful and they will find their place
> in later TagLib releases.
> I do not know how to commit changes, so I just attach gzipped files that I
> changed in TagLib 1.6.3 sources.

Many people are interested in this, so I thought I'd mention my plans.
First of all, thank you for working on this. I'm planning to have a
more detailed look at this during the weekend and commit it to SVN. I
think the patch looks fine from functional point of view. There are
some code formatting issues, but nothing serious. Tag writing seems to
be based on my Wavpack code and the file format is structurally
similar, so I don't expect problems there. I like to add some tests
regarding APE file header parsing (for this we can use test files that
I prepared for APE support in Mutagen). If you would like, I can send
a list of things that I think should be fixed before committing to
SVN, or I can fix them myself. I expect it to be mainly code
formatting things, so it's probably OK if I do it.


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