Hello & my first question

黃瑞昌 richard0610 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 7 10:14:41 CEST 2010

Dear ALL:

This is first post from Richard. Nice to meet you ALL.
My Leader ask me to survey if TagLib can meet our  requirement.

We had implement ID3 read/write with other DLL.
But what we feel confuse is about

1. ID3V2.4 support

Other DLL had supprot ID3V2.3
V2.4 not implement yet.

After I learning these few days,I think TagLib can do this.

2.Multi-tag,Multi-Lang support

ID3 spec support Multi-tag.They don't overwrite on each other.

for example, "TIT2" can have more then 1 body
Can I read 1st "TIT2" tag,2nd,3rd,etc....

Can I read comment that had describe with Multi-Lang support ?

3.Any version wirte support

for Ex. Can I read V2.4, but write to V2.3?

We need the Version Transfer feature.

Thank you all.

Sorry for my poor english. :)

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