APE file support

Alessandro Tucci intucci at hotmail.it
Thu Jul 1 19:13:24 CEST 2010

Hi Alex,
thanks for your code.
I merged your files into the source folder and I tried to compile the whole thing.
Obviously, I encountered the problem you speak about in the file "a problem".
I tried to include "apefile.h" in apetag.h, but this solution breaks the build of taglib/mpeg/mpegfile.cpp, because it changes the signature of:

TagLib::APE::Tag::Tag(TagLib::MPEG::File* const, long int&)


TagLib::APE::Tag::Tag(TagLib::APE::File*, long int)

Which are the exact modifications you made in apetag.h and apetag.cpp?
Thanks for your attention.

P.S. Suggestion: please release a patch/diff file, together with your code ;-)

> Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2010 19:30:56 +0400
> From: novichko at atnet.ru
> To: taglib-devel at kde.org
> Subject: APE file support
> I've written two new classes APE::File and APE::Properties which
> implement ape files support. I hope they will be useful and they will
> find their place in later TagLib releases.
> I do not know how to commit changes, so I just attach gzipped files that
> I changed in TagLib 1.6.3 sources.
> Alex.
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