Taglib current status

rengels ralf.engels at nokia.com
Mon Jul 6 11:41:03 CEST 2009

Hi all,
another week has passed and not much has been achieved.

- Peter and me had some discussions on the 2.0 API. Peter wants to do some 
fiddling around and I am very interested how his proposal will feel like.

- I've done a review on the current bugzilla bugs, Mainly focusing on the 
And boy, there are some very interesting ones there. I guess it would take 
around two hours work to integrate them and finally get over with it.
A 1.6 version is just around the corner...

- I've mirrored the kdesupport svn to set up my own taglib svn.
Mirroring was needed in order to not lose the whole history. 
But I've hit a little bump on the road. Even filtering out everything except 
taglib the resulting subversion repository has more than 7 gig size.
Clearly too much for my freebie account on ProjectLocker.
From my point of view there are some options:
- Someone with access to kdesupport wakes up and works with me to drive taglib 
- The git repository thingie that I've heard about finally appears.
- Someone comes up with another subversion server.
- I host the subversion repository on my personal machine (which doesn't have 
a static IP, There could be down times)
- I start a new SVN repository with only taglib in it, loosing the history.

Currently I am in favor of the last solution. I would like to hear some 

- A new patch was submitted to the mailing list. Sorry Scott, haven't had any 
time to review it yet.

- Also I am starting to realize that waiting for other people to act just 
leads to waiting. I will continue in my own speed if no-one is stopping me...

Have a nice week,


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