Taglib current status

Jeff Mitchell mitchell at kde.org
Mon Jul 6 16:43:07 CEST 2009

rengels wrote:
> - I've mirrored the kdesupport svn to set up my own taglib svn.
> Mirroring was needed in order to not lose the whole history. 

Why?  When we convert it to Git you'll get it all anyways and this is
hugely inefficient.

> But I've hit a little bump on the road. Even filtering out everything except 
> taglib the resulting subversion repository has more than 7 gig size.


> Clearly too much for my freebie account on ProjectLocker.
> From my point of view there are some options:
> - Someone with access to kdesupport wakes up and works with me to drive taglib 
> forward.

I guess the emails we've had back and forth on this list were a figment
of my imagination.

> - The git repository thingie that I've heard about finally appears.

Which, as I said, would have to wait until at least this week when it
could all be discussed at Akademy.

Which we did today, at lunch.

We have a way forward for an official KDE Git solution.  Taglib is
already in line to get ported (with all history) as soon as we can,
which means as soon as a couple bugs get fixed (we've been told should
be about a week).

Can you work with me here, instead of repeatedly forging ahead and
ignoring all the things that were previously discussed (and agreed upon)?


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